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Welcome to Healthy Adventures, a unique & amazing way to discover the world we live in. Now that you are here, stay awhile, explore ideas for your next trip. Our journeys will take you to extraordinary places infused with passion and impactful travel. We are dedicated to making your adventure a reality by taking care of the finest details.

Embrace secluded luxury in your overwater bungalow with direct access into the brilliant blue waters. The island’s tropical breezes carry the sweet, irresistible scents of fragrant tropical flowers with a hint of vanilla as you lounge with breathtaking views. Celebrate at sunset with a romantic dinner for two on a powdery white sand beach.

Experience the awe-inspiring wonder of UNESCO World Heritage sites where you have ample time to saunter through quaint, historical villages. This part of the world feels like a well-kept secret, perfect for gentle hikes, leisure bike rides, and relaxing massages at hidden spas.

Stroll through bustling markets overflowing with exotic fruits and colorful vegetables; savor the time with local chef as you whip up a delicious traditional dish. Cherish the recipe that takes you back to this moment in your time.


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Who We Are

At Healthy Adventures, we believe an adventure is anything that helps you grow. It should expand your horizons by getting you out of your comfort zone. More than anything, your adventure should make you feel alive! Consider the idea that a vacation is more than just a trip; but it’s an opportunity to experience life-changing moments through different foods, music, histories, art, wildlife, and scenery. We enjoy encountering the people and places that stretch our worldviews. 

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How We Serve You

The word ‘adventure’ is different to each person based on prior experience, but our definition has remained a constant. If you think you’re on an ‘adventure’ then you are! To some that may be climbing Everest or riding a camel in the Sahara Desert whilst to other it could be causal hikes in the Lake District or kayaking on turquoise waters teeming with tropical fish. What’s important to us is that you are having your own adventure in this amazing world! 

We are dedicated to active, adventurous people just like you and our purpose is to inspire you to travel in life, making your adventure dream a reality. We’ll provide you with inspirational ideas, offer you expert knowledge, and are committed to bringing adventure into your life. 

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"Greater Than I Could Have Imagined"

"This DREAM trip was filled with so many moments, I'll never forget! From seeing the ancient pyramids to camel rides and even a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the Valley of the Kings." 



Connecting you to vibrant local cultures, seeing this amazing world in new ways. Each trip is one of a kind.

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Enjoy a new destination with like-minded travelers. Every detail is designed to indulge in an authentic experience.

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You’ve planned the perfect wedding! Let’s create a unique honeymoon to celebrate your love together. Special treasured surprises included. 

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Inspirational recipes bringing adventure into your life. Insider tips of my favorite destinations.





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