Enjoy the beauty of Tahiti & Bora Bora from the privacy of your very own overwater bungalow. Start the day with breakfast delivered by traditional outrigger canoe. These idyllic French Polynesian favorites are musts for couples celebrating their timeless love. Explore the brilliant blue lagoons with snorkeling, kayaking, boating or try a 4x4 jeep land adventures. After an exciting or relaxing leisure day, a romantic moonlight dinner on the beach with champagne is just the perfect way to close a day in paradise.


Relax on your private balcony gliding over the storied Danube River, sipping a local Riesling from the delightful vineyard you visited earlier in the day. Unpack once as you journey along rivers that once were vital trade routes, dotted with fairytale castles, ancient ruins, and quaint towns. Each river has something new to offer with leisure walks included. Perhaps, pedal a bike along the riverbanks, steeped in history. Explore dreamy villages with gentle hikes to a nearby fortress or castle surrounded by natural wonders. Every aspect of river cruising will surprise and delight you and unfolding like a fairytale.


Tropical intimate islands that dot the waters of the Caribbean – each with their own unique style & flair. Relax at a hand picked all-inclusive resort, the ideal retreat for two. Some personal favorites include: St Lucia the Hawaii of Caribbean, Granada the spice island, and crystal clear waters of the Bahamas. Explore the uncharted waters aboard a romantic sunset catamaran sailing. 


Italy’s beauty is enticing in many ways. History, art, delicious cuisine and heart- stirring landscapes make Italy one of the most popular vacation destinations. Venture from romantic Venice down to sunny Sicily and anywhere in between. Explore diverse regions with an open heart and enjoy authentic local experiences at food markets or hands-on cooking classes. Whether seeing ancient Roman ruins or tasting the finest wines of Tuscany you’ll treasure your time in true Italian fashion.


Beautiful Belize boasts the world’s second- largest barrier reef with some of the best snorkeling & diving on the planet. Enjoy luxury handpicked boutique hotels in Ambergris Caye for a bit of pampered island life after exciting days full of brilliant snorkeling. Venture inland to explore ancient Mayan temples, hidden limestone caves & caverns for tubing, and lush tropical rainforests teeming with exotic birds. Adventure awaits you with options for river kayaking, nature trails and jungle exploration. 


Costa Rica is one of Central America’s most popular destinations. Explore the impressive rainforest walking trails & daring hanging bridges that offer view of the volcano. Unwind by soaking in the nearby hot springs or swim in tranquil natural pools under the mist of a waterfall. Unique lodges nestled deep with Costa Rica’s cloud forest where butterflies dance & monkeys swing in the tropical branches. Continue to the sun-splashed coastline where the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean welcomes you in a private beach bungalow.


Experience the best of Thailand on an immersive journey through Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. Begin your getaway in the bustling metropolis of Bangkok with three nights in the Tower Club Lebua and breathtaking city views from your room in the sky. Spend your days exploring the temples, palaces and floating markets and retreat to your hotel's rooftop bar for a sunset cocktail. Travel north to Chiang Mai for a riveting few days experiencing an elephant nature park and a traditional Thai cooking class. End your vacation in beachside bliss in Phuket. 


Explore the Maldives with this exciting all-inclusive vacation package! Spend 7 nights in a spacious overwater villa with the sound of the Indian Ocean lulling you to sleep each night. Enjoy multiple culinary options for each meal including Thai cuisine, Italian cuisine, Teppanyaki and International specialties. Each relaxing day will be spent with options for snorkeling & diving into the fascinating undersea world of the beautiful Maldives islands. 


Step back in time with a self-drive adventure in Germany’s picturesque countryside. Explore the celebrated Romantic Road in Bavaria where panoramic byways take you to some of the most storied corners of Germany. Wander the cobbled streets of the fairytale city of Rothenburg whose half-timbered homes are distinctly unique. Journey on to King Ludwig’s stunning Bavarian castles before arriving at Munich known for fall festival including famous Oktoberfest, and the cozy winter markets. 


Make Fiji your dream islands to visit; where swaying palm trees meet pristine oceans and fabulous coral gardens. A place where tranquil villages and boutique island resorts meld into a fascinating blend of cultures and experiences. Enjoy a private beach picnic for a special afternoon. Dive into warm water with miles of colorful coral teeming with tropical fish. The experiences available on the islands of Fiji are as diverse and numerous as the number of islands in the region. These islands call to all dreamers, adventurers and lovers.


Ireland, known as the "Emerald Isle" for the rain-washed hills of green and mythical mountains, is truly magical. The magnificent countryside dotted with castles, and quaint villages where you can always find a pub flowing with fresh Guinness. The city of Kilkenny, once the medieval capitol of Ireland, boasts "Ireland's Medieval Mile", a heritage downtown of winding streets and St Canice cathedral round tower to climb. The history buff will be enthralled by the "Marble city" down to circa 1231 brewery still in operation. Dublin, the largest city in Ireland, is waiting to surprise and offer comfort at every turn. Be sure the Guinness factory visit is on your agenda!   A trip Ireland will have you planning your next visit on the way home!


Bali is known for its vibrant culture and rich history, with temples dotting the lush landscapes of the island. Bali is perfect for relaxation, chic luxury and cultural immersion. This vacation allows you to explore a different side of Bali, with sights and experiences that are off the beaten path. Perhaps a modern pool villa with spectacular cliff-top ocean views. Fill your days with excursions such as an art and architecture tour with lunch on a volcano crater, a hidden sunrise trek over terraces or enjoy the sun slip away watching a traditional Balinese dance with a romantic dinner. This destination will transport you to a time and place unlike any other, offering a true escape from everyday life. 

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