What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

In life, unexpected things happen and when they do, travel insurance may well be worth the investment. Travel insurance helps travelers in two main areas: travel expenses and medical expenses. The decision to buy or not buy travel insurance is every travelers’ personal decision but we thought it useful to explain some of the basics. Protecting your travel investment is a worthwhile decision to make! 

Travel Expense Insurance: Most travel reservations include cancellation and/or change penalties. Should you have reason to cancel your trip, request a date change, or need to adjust timing due to unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance could help lessen the financial burden. Non-refundable airline tickets or travel packages could be reimbursed through a travel insurance policy. 

Other examples of travel insurance helping include if a personal or family medical issue has impacted your ability to travel, time off work is no longer available, a natural disaster or hurricane has impacted your destination, you are required to come home early, you’re delayed en-route to or from your destination, or your luggage is misplaced. In these circumstances, travel insurance could reimburse you for a portion of or all the financial impact. 

Recently popular is the “cancel for any reason” policies. These policies help avoid paperwork justifying why your canceling, pay you back a certain percentage of your trip costs without question, but usually have a higher premium. 

Medical Expense Insurance: While most travelers never experience a medical condition while traveling, there is a possibility that something could happen and when it does are you ready for the financial impact of receiving medical treatment while you’re traveling? Medical travel insurance can help cover the costs and/or reimburse you for medical expenses for treatment as well as emergency evacuation. Every travel should understand what their own personal health insurance does and does not cover and make the decision is a travel insurance policy with medical coverage for their specific trip would be a worthwhile investment – we personally believe it is. 

Insurance Costs: Travel insurance pricing can be based on multiple factors including the cost of the travel arrangements, number of days traveling, age of traveler, destination or activities involved, and most importantly the amount and type of coverage requested. 
If you’d like more information, you can call us or click on the link below for an insurance quote. With each adventure you take with Healthy Adventures, we will require your acknowledgment to accepting or declining travel insurance. 

"Travel Insurance is a MUST for every trip or adventure! Almost 3 years ago, while celebrating our wedding anniversary in Belize, I fell off a Mayan Ruin. You can imagine the state my husband was in after witnessing such a thing. He gave Amy a call, and she basically took care of everything from the States. The care and concern shown by her team in Belize was unbelievable. They were right there by our side, making sure we were taken care of and that things went smoothly. I STRONGLY suggest to everyone I know that is traveling to purchase the trip insurance. We almost didn't, and I am so thankful we did! Ya just never know when a simple misstep will land you in the hospital!"

 ~Mrs Cindy Vanhoff

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